A Mountain Roast


A Mountain is one of New Mexico State University’s proudest landmarks and represents one of its oldest traditions. This ritual dates back to the 1920s when the “A”, stretching the size of a football field, was first conceived by students of the New Mexico College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts. Each year, students still ascend Tortugas Mountain to give the “A” a fresh coat of paint that marks the beginning of a new spring semester, and rejuvenates our Aggie pride and spirit.


Estas Manos Coffee Roasters is honored to share this tradition by bringing a roast that pays tribute to NMSU’s “A” Mountain. We at Estas Manos are committed to giving back to the farmers who grow and harvest the coffee beans that wind up in your cup, and we take great pride in sharing their stories with you. Like the “A” Mountain tradition, we believe that every cup of “A” Mountain Roast coffee awakens the Aggie spirit and reminds us to stay true to our Aggie roots. GO AGGIES!