Dark Roast


Bosque Nuboso – Espresso Blend

In Spanish, Bosque Nuboso means “Cloud Forest”. Latin America’s cloud forests refer to the high elevations where coffee is produced. This blend is a tribute to those mountains, high above the clouds.


Notes: Blood Orange, Cocoa, Creamy
bay-area blend

Bay Area Blend

This blend goes out to THE BAY. Estas Manos started roasting in Berkeley, CA in 2018. This dark roast is bold and strong. It works late nights and early mornings. It’s “lowkey, hella” smooth.


Tasting Notes: Almond, Dark Chocolate, Smoky

Lachao (Decaf)

Coffee is decaffeinated using hot water and charcoal filters. But before it becomes decaf coffee, it’s produced and harvested by hard-working farmers. It brews best with a french press or in a late night affogato. This decaf will change the way you think about decaf.


Tasting Notes: Lemon, Vanilla, Cinnamon
Origin: Sierra Sur, Oaxaca, Mexico