Signature Blends

Cascara Tea

In Spanish, cascara means “shell” and refers to the outer cherry fruit casing of the coffee bean. Before each coffee bean is processed and roasted, it must first be de-pulped from its cherry. Traditionally, the discarded casings are used as fertilizer around the farm, however farmers have discovered a more sustainable use for this delicious cherry shell. Our caffeinated tea is packed with antioxidants and combined with green tea and mint locally sourced from San Francisco Herb Co. – it warms the soul as a hot drink and can’t be beaten over ice.


Notes: Coffee Cherry, Green Tea, Mint
Origin: Alajuela, Costa Rica


Proudly Sourced From:


Casa De Campo – House Blend

Our house blend is inspired by our farmers. Whether it’s the first cup of the day at the crow of a rooster or the fuel to get through hours of cherry picking, this blend gets the job done.


Notes: Milk Chocolate, Pear, Panela

Bosque Nuboso – Espresso Blend

In Spanish, Bosque Nuboso means “Cloud Forest”. Latin America’s cloud forests refer to the high elevations where coffee is produced. This blend is a tribute to those mountains, high above the clouds.


Notes: Blood Orange, Cocoa, Creamy
bay-area blend

Bay Area Blend

This blend goes out to THE BAY. Estas Manos started roasting in Berkeley, CA in 2018. This dark roast is bold and strong. It works late nights and early mornings. It’s “lowkey, hella” smooth.


Tasting Notes: Almond, Dark Chocolate, Smoky

Valle Del Sol Blend

This light roast harnesses the brightest notes of Central America while maintaining a smooth, refreshing cup. It’s best enjoyed in the sun and with good vibes.
Tasting Notes: Brown Sugar, Lemon, Bright