Passionately Sourced, Perfectly Roasted

Our family of farmers are committed to three core values: their workers, the environment, and growing the best coffee beans available. We offer five types of coffee beans, each with a unique flavor profile.

Café de Mujeres Santo Domingo

Café de Mujeres Santo Domingo is a fair-trade and organic coffee grown in Guatemala. With notes of dark
chocolate, orange, and jasmine, it’s the perfect blend for your afternoon cup. Grown by a women-owned farming community, this coffee is more than a bean. It’s an opportunity to support women working towards economic stability.

La Libertad, Huehuetenango, Guatemala

1,400 meters


Wottona Bultuma

Wottona Bultuma is a Rainforest Alliance farm in Ethiopia that has earned international accolades in recent years.
This co-op’s fair-trade and organic coffee beans produce notes of blueberry, black tea, and honey for a perfectly
balanced acidity with a full body.

Sidama, Ethiopia
1,860 meters

Las Lajas Cascara

Las Lajas produces the cascara, also known as coffee cherry, for our tea and kombucha. Once dried, this slightly sweet outer fruit of the coffee bean is often brewed as a tea. Las Lajas is known for their complex and rich honey-roasted coffee, giving us the foundation for our cascara tea and kombucha.

Sabanilla, Alajuela, Costa Rica

1,300 - 1,500 meters

Pulp - Natural


Founded in the historical foundation of Honduran coffee production, San Marcos de Colón’s caturra, catuai, typica, and bourbon varieties result in a flavorful decaf coffee with cocoa, raisin, and caramelized tasting notes.

Choluteca, Honduras
1,200 - 1,690 m
Washed - Decaffienated

Finca El Oasis

Located in the pristine rural farming community in Colombia, Finca El Oasis produces specialty coffee
with notes of mango, panela, and cream.

Gaitania, Tolima, Colombia
1800 m