How to Make Coffee at Home


How to Make Coffee at Home

We love a good coffee shop, but there’s joy in brewing a great cup of coffee at home. When making a cup of coffee in your kitchen, there are a few important elements.  

The coffee, grind, water, and brewing method all contribute to the final taste. Each of these contributes to the process to create a cup of coffee so good you won’t want it to end.


Choosing the Right Coffee 

There’s no one “right” coffee. Instead, choosing the right coffee [Link to our-coffee page] is based on preference. Some enjoy a lighter coffee with floral notes while others enjoy a deep roast with notes of chocolate and nuts.

If you don’t want to buy an entire bag without trying it, head to a local coffee shop and order their brewed coffee. If you enjoy it, you can purchase a bag to take home. This is also a great way to support local businesses.

Another way to find your ideal cup of coffee is to know the tasting notes you enjoy. Then, when at the store or buying online, you can narrow your selection and find a coffee you enjoy.  


Grinding the Coffee with Care 

The grind is a small process with significant impact on brew quality. Different brewing techniques require a different coarseness, and conventional grinders dont offer the consistency and control needed. For example, a French press requires a coarser grind than a pour over. 

This is why many coffee enthusiasts prefer a burr grinder. Instead of spinning blades, coffee passes through a set of sharp, rotating gear-like wheels. This results in an adjustable, even grind for your brewing method. 

Most coffee shops use burr grinders to accommodate customers’ preferred brewing technique. While they can grind it when you purchase, we recommend getting a grinder as a part of your at home coffee set up so you can have the freshest coffee possible every day. 


Using the Best Water 

Water also makes an impact on your coffee. After all, it makes up 98 percent of your cup! Filtered water produces the best results, as well as reducing calcification from tap water on your brewing equipment.  

Using a water filter, whether it’s in your refrigerator or on the countertop, will help the taste. 

 If you don’t have access to filtered water at home or are brewing in an Airbnb while traveling, Third Wave Water offers individual packets with the perfect mineral blend for your water. 


Choosing the Right Brewing Method (For You) 

The right brewing method [Link to blog #2] is another choice based on personal preference. We recommend trying different brewing methods at coffee shops when available and choosing your method based on your routine as some methods are more involved than others. 

 French Press 

A French press offers a slightly more hands-off brewing system than a pour over, and it also results in a different flavor profile. French press coffee typically has a richer coffee flavor compared to other methods, though it does take longer because of the steeping time. 

 Pour Over 

A pour over is a classic brewing method that’s ideal in both your home and on the go. It involves a bit more hands on time than a French press, but many enjoy the ritual of slowly pouring the water over the beans. Pour overs often bring out the tasting notes in coffee more than other methods, and is the primary choice for many specialty coffee shops. 

 Cold Brew 

Cold brew is long-form brewing method that produces a smoother, less acidic coffee. Its lengthy steeping time (typically 12 to 24 hours) is the key to its unique flavor. It’s often compared to iced coffee, though cold brew can be served hot for the same level of acidity. We recommend heating in a pan on the stove, though the microwave can do in a pinch. 


Coffee percolators aren’t a common brewing method in the US, but those who do brew with it love the results. Percolators brew by gravity as the boiling water rises up, then seeps down through the coffee grounds into the bottom reservoir. The longer the percolator is boiling, the stronger the coffee. 

 It’s also a very hands-on process. Percolators require careful monitoring to prevent over-extraction, and is the perfect brewing method for those who like to tinker with their coffee. 


Personalizing Your Coffee Experience 

Brewing coffee at home is a personal experience, and customizing your experience helps you enjoy your brew to the fullest. This includes perfecting the grind and water quality for your chosen brewing method. Everyone has their preference, and we hope this helped you determine which is the best option for you.  

 Still need help deciding which method works best for you? We’d love to help you. Leave a comment below and we’ll offer a personalized suggestion. Once you have your brewing system, find your favorite Estas Manos coffee for your home coffee brewing setup here.

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